What is Digital Citezenship

Digital citezenship is when you are on the internet, your cellphone, or on TV. It gets stored in a data file and you have to make shour that you dont do anything bad on the internet because some person could look at your file and wonts to hire you but he sees all the bad stuff you did and he wont hire you. If you look up bad pictures on the computer from google it gets stored and you cant get rid of it.


Heres a link to find out more Information.



My Favorite Tools

My favorite tool for my blog is the Revolvor Map, because it shows you what the Earth looks like and it can change what the planet looks like. like when its winter in Canada it would show  Canada as a white and Mecico would be probable sandy white.

 Heres a link to get a Revolvor Map. http://www.revolvermaps.com/

My second favorite tool is the Flag Counter because it countes he flags of the countrys flag and how many times they viste.


Festavals In Norfolk County

Favoret festavals in Norfolk County.


One of my favorite  is the  NORFOLK COUNTY FAIR AND HORSE SHOW October 4 – 10, 2011 because its close by and it is really fun to go to. My favorite part about it is the taffy it is so dilisiuos to just suck on. I love the Norfolk county Fair and Hores Show.

My second favoret festaval is Bayfest because i love going out with my friends to Bayfest and seeing almost every one that I know there. It is also very fun to go to.


All The Places That I Want To Go


Political Map of the world

Ten places that I wont to goin the world.

1. Brazil: I wont to go to Brazil because there is tons of colourful birds that live there.

2. Asia (Russia): I wont to go to Russia because its the biggest country in the world and that  Russia has these huge forestes.

3. Peru: I wont to go to Peru because  deepest canyon and  4 of the largest mountains of Amarica.

4:Eygpt:5. Italy: I wont to go to Eygpt because I wont to go and see the great pyamids of Gaza and the sphinx.

6. Germany: I wont to go to Germany  because I wont to go and see October Fest.

7. United Kingdom: I wont to go to the United Kingdaom because  I wont to go to Scotland and look at guys waering kilts. 

8. Madagascar: I wont to go toMadagascar because Disney made  movie about Madagascar.

9. Ireland: I wont to go to Ireland because I wont to see a Leprichon and find a pot of gold.  

10. Belgium: I wont to go to Belgium because they make Belgium chocolate there.