Art! Art!

This week we had an art teacher in the class. Her name was Ann Barbar  form Shadow Land Theaters. She was teaching us how to make masks out of just ragular cardboard. When she came in to our class last Monday we played a game called clap focus. It was really fun.

 We had to make masks out of cardboard look like someone historical. I chose to make John A. MacDonald.  At first it didn’t look like him but after some help from my teacher it started to pull together. We used triangles to help with John A’s funcky hair. Then we put newspaper all over the triangles. And after that we paper-mashaded the hole thing.

The next day we panted the masks and shaded the masks with darker colours and then we let them dry for the next two periods. At the end of the day we put on a little scitt on our historical people. My scitt was about James Patrick Wahlen getting hanged.

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