Favorite Vetetable

Carrot Cake

Carrot Soup

My favorite vetetable is the Carrot. Carrots are my favorite vegetable because they taste very good. They’re juicy and crunchy at the same time. Did you know that carrots can give you very good eyes. You can make a lot of stuff out of carrots. You can make carrot cake, plain carrots, chopped up carrots, carrot soup, or even carrot juice. I  love carrots.

My Favoriter App

Angry Birds Family

My favorite app is Angry Birds. Angry Birds is physic game where you shoot these birds out of a sling shot and they hit these buildings that Evil Pigs hide inside. You have to try and make the Angry Birds try and kill all of the Evil Pigs. Its really easy all you have to do is use the Angry Birds to destroy the Evil Pigs buildings. I will an a link to Angry Birds and it to my blog.

More Comments

If you wont to get more comments you could get some eye caughing themes or you could comment on some ones blogs and leave your blog URL so that they can get to your blog. You could also talk about stuff that you think other people might like to talk about and start a big conversation about that topic. Then more people would start adding parts just like the Story Begging (older post).

Family Post

 My family is very fun.  I have one brother, two sisters a mom and a dad. Once we all went camping up in Algonquin Park, my dad and my sisters went canoeing  and staid at an island. My mom my brother and I staid at the camp site and we went on trails and went swimming.Once every year my whole family gets to getter at Christmas and we play games, have food, and get presants.

Story Begining


Once apon a time there was this giant that had no friends because he was so big the people would think that he would step on them so they didnt hangout with him. One day the giant got very angery  because he had now friens so he went out and terorised the village where the people lived. The people evacuated the village and traveled to the castle where the knights of the square table lived. The villagers ask the knights for help. The knights wrose to the challenge, The next morning they road out to the village where the giant was wating. 

Now its your turn to say what happens next. Its up to you, good luck.

Canadian Halloween

BOO trick-or-treat

Halloween is celebrated in Canada on or around October 31. It is a day to mark the single night in the year when, according to old Celtic beliefs, spirits and the dead can cross over into the world of the living. Some people hold parties and children may trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. In the olden days people would give food or money to the poor if they knocked on their doors. Know a days people or kids go out in funny or scary costumes. Then they go to peoples houses and say trick-or-treat, and most of the times they get treats. But not all the time and you mite get a little bite jumping.

Comment and tell me how you go trick-or-treating.


If I Could Learn Anything Post

Three wheeled car

If I could learn anything I would learn how to make a very fast car that could go from 0-120 in 8 seconds. I once watch this Tv show called made science and this one guy put a helicopter engine in the back of a mini van and it went fast. I also saw this one car on the High Way and it looked home made. It was green with one wheel in the back and two in the front, It didnt have a roof and the drivers heads were sticking out the top.

What is Digital Citezenship

Digital citezenship is when you are on the internet, your cellphone, or on TV. It gets stored in a data file and you have to make shour that you dont do anything bad on the internet because some person could look at your file and wonts to hire you but he sees all the bad stuff you did and he wont hire you. If you look up bad pictures on the computer from google it gets stored and you cant get rid of it.


Heres a link to find out more Information.