All The Places That I Want To Go


Political Map of the world

Ten places that I wont to goin the world.

1. Brazil: I wont to go to Brazil because there is tons of colourful birds that live there.

2. Asia (Russia): I wont to go to Russia because its the biggest country in the world and that  Russia has these huge forestes.

3. Peru: I wont to go to Peru because  deepest canyon and  4 of the largest mountains of Amarica.

4:Eygpt:5. Italy: I wont to go to Eygpt because I wont to go and see the great pyamids of Gaza and the sphinx.

6. Germany: I wont to go to Germany  because I wont to go and see October Fest.

7. United Kingdom: I wont to go to the United Kingdaom because  I wont to go to Scotland and look at guys waering kilts. 

8. Madagascar: I wont to go toMadagascar because Disney made  movie about Madagascar.

9. Ireland: I wont to go to Ireland because I wont to see a Leprichon and find a pot of gold.  

10. Belgium: I wont to go to Belgium because they make Belgium chocolate there.